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As a dog lover, you must know what unconditional love and honest affection feel like.

A dog is one of the firmest friendships you will ever experience. A lasting bond that embodies fond memories of past times, pure joy of present moments , and warm hopes for the future.


Their wagging tails, innocent, expectant looks, playfulness, and so many other funny and cute gestures remind us that life is all about being in the present, love, and joy.


We all crave these qualities in ourselves and these most affectionate God creatures master them.


Lizzani Brand

The brand Lizzani was founded on these values and represents compassion, class, and quality.


Lizzani is dedicated to the fine details that distinguish its small-breed dog harnesses into a class of its own. Selected quality materials combined with skilled workmanship provide dogs and their owners with the finest quality of design and function, exclusively designed and hand-tailored here in the USA.



A Lizzani harness offers lasting style, ultimate comfort, and maximum support.


Buy a Lizzani harness to reward yourself and your loving dog with the finest quality dog couture that immerses function with fashion.


Browse Lizzani's collection pages to find a fitting piece.

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